Brand Naming

The pinnacle of every brand; it’s all in the name. Getting it right can make a huge difference to how successful your branding is and how your messaging and values are conveyed.

Naming a brand is never easy, however, over time I have developed a clear and defined process to help make things easier, so together we can find the right name for your business. I offer half or full day workshops to go through a creative and dynamic process to help you choose the right name. For more information on brand naming please email

Research & Planning

Understanding the market is a fundamental part of the process, analysing competitors can help us to differentiate your branding from the crowd and can also help us learn what works, what doesn’t and what customers respond to. Researching future trends and market leaders is also a great way to find out how to give your brand an edge over others. Ultimately research and planning leads to strong ideas and more successful branding.

Logo Design

As the face of the brand, your logo design needs to be memorable and stand the test of time. Going beyond just the visually appealing, Maestro logos are well-crafted and built on strong ideas to help represent you appropriately and make sure you stand out amongst the competition.

Brand Identity

The majority of successful businesses are built on strong branding - A well defined brand stands out in a crowded marketplace and connects with customers. They can see it, watch it, hear it and hold it. It raises awareness, builds trust and loyalty, evokes emotions and makes you memorable.

The visual identity is how we convey your brand values and personality; from crafting a memorable and well thought out logo design to creating inspiring graphic language. Maestro uses these techniques to connect with audiences and build brand recognition.

Brand Strategy

Does your brand need defining - Who are you? What do you stand for? Whats your position in the market? And why do customers value you?

Together we can define your values and vision, forge a strong brand personality and ensure the right tone of voice and language is used to communicate. I can work with you to ensure your branding is focused in the right area and appeals to your customers. After all, what's the point in having a great design if it’s not targeted to the right audience.

Brand Guidelines

Your branding should remain consistent across all touch points to help customers instantly recognise who you are. I provide comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure, moving forward, that other people involved with promoting your brand know what to do. So whether it’s instructions on logo usage and colour schemes, writing suitable copy or using a certain photography style, you will be well equipped to share your brand guidelines.

if you would like to discuss a freelance branding project, please email me on