Why choose a Freelance Designer?

Written by Matthew Sullivan on 25th October, 2016
Why choose a freelancer designer

The debate over whether to use a freelancer or an agency has long been discussed by companies looking to improve their branding or website design.

It’s never easy to find the individual or company your looking for - Who will you work well with? Who specialises in your field? How much will it cost? Of course there are benefits connected to both approaches, but in this article I will offer some great reasons to use a freelance designer over choosing to work with a design agency.

Great value

One of the reasons companies use a freelance designer is it’s far more cost effective than hiring an agency. At an agency you usually pay premium rates for Creative Directors, Account Managers and then the designers as well, couple these with increased fees to account for studio fees, holiday pay and pensions and you can get an idea why the costs can be so high. Like myself, most freelance designer’s have low overheads and you can avoid many unnecessary charges and get so much more value for your money.

For larger projects I work with other freelancers to provide a more comprehensive service. So whether you need a team of designers, web developers, copywriters or photographers then you only pay for these services when they are required.

Feel valued

When I work with clients, every single one of them is very important to both the business and myself. At an agency you may be one out of a hundred projects, however, with me you won’t be! I take the time to offer a great service, high standards of design and openly collaborate with my clients. So if you have a big idea, then I want to hear it!


I can work my schedule around you, so whether it’s travelling to your office or operating outside of normal work hours, let me know and we can make it work. I pride myself on being there for my clients in partnership, I want to help your business to succeed and will do everything possible to assist you in doing that.

Work directly with the designer

At some design agencies you might never actually speak to the designer, you’re far more likely to speak to the Account Manager and they will pass on your feedback. One part I love about this job is it’s very personal and I get to find out first hand any information which may help the project, this allows for far better communication and ensures nothing get’s overlooked.

Faster Turnaround

By working directly with the designer, you can normally expect the turnaround to be way faster. I don’t work on ten plus projects all at once, which means if you have updates then I can amend things quickly.

Agencies hire freelancers

From experience, it’s quite possible that agencies may employ a freelancer to complete your project anyway. So if you think about it, you may be getting charged multiple times what a freelancer would quote, but someone like myself might actually be doing the work anyway. By coming directly to a freelance designer you will save yourself a lot of money.

It’s always best to look around and find a designer or agency that you can work well with. Having a great relationship will ensure a smooth and successful project leaving you time to get on with running your business safe in the knowledge that the project is on track.

Having previously worked at agencies, I can provide a great level of expertise and knowledge to help you get the most out of your project. No job is ever too big or too small, so whether your an established business looking for a fresh approach on branding or a start up looking for your first website, I am here to help!

Currently available for new freelance design projects, please get in touch on 07967 346885 or email hello@maestromade.co.uk