A 'Creative Christmas' 2016

Written by Matthew Sullivan on 20th December, 2016

Christmas is a time to have fun, and for myself that usually means doing something creative. Following on from the short animated video I did last year, this time we wanted to go one stage further... So let me introduce my creative video for this year, hope you enjoy!

How it was made...

Hunter Gatherer

Starting this project off we really were entering the unknown having never done anything like this before - after all we're designers not florists. So after hunting out some kind advice from Covent Garden Flowers and watching many Youtube tutorials, it was time to stock up on everything we needed. So we gathered many different types of leaves, berries, pinecones and decorations and we were ready to begin.

Laying the Foundations

Before we could start the nicer job of adding leaves and decorations, we first needed a base to build upon. Using a wire frame we formed the initial shape and used moss to pad out the foundations. Ideally we would of used a proper 'wreath' base but due to the unique shape meant we needed to improvise a little bit. Lets just say it was all a bit of a learning process :)

Creative Christmas Part 1

Wreath Making

Time for the fun part - everything was in place and now we could really start seeing it all come together. Working in a clockwise motion we slowly built up layers upon layers of different types of conifer leaves and holly, working our way along until the wreath was very close to being finished. All we were missing was a bit of decoration.

Lights, camera, decoration

Everything had been building up for the final shot. For decoration we added berries, pinecones, cinnamon sticks and coloured Christmas lights to enhance the look. The final shot obviously being the most important took a bit of careful editing and tweaking ready for the 'big finish'.

Creative Christmas Part 2
Christmas Wreath Logo Design

The evolution from last years animation:


Special Thanks

  • Ellie from EKCalligraphy for her creative work and awesome calligraphy. Please follow the link to check out her work and follow her on Instagram.
  • Eve Jones for her amazing camera work, editing skills and for taking the time needed to do a fabulous job for me.
  • Covent Garden Flowers for their kind advice to help me get started creating something I have no clue about and helping source the materials I needed.

Merry Christmas and see you in 2017 :)

available for new creative projects, please get in touch on hello@maestromade.co.uk